Khair-e-Kaseer Vision

With multidimensional approach of human service, Khair-e-Kaseer is a vibrant international community, eager to help humanity in social, economical, spiritual, educational, religious, legal and medical fields.


  • Weekly food provision for needy people.
  • Monthly widow help program
  • Needy student help
  • Rozgar Scheme

Quran Study Program

  • Weekly program
    1. ​Tafseer-e-Quran
    2. Ahadees

Education (Future Projects)

  • Quran-o-Sunna Academy
  • Islamic School System


  • Madni Masjid library
  • Masjid Taqwa library​


  • In collaboration with DAK (Doctor Atta Khan Welfare Trust)
  • Dr. Hafiz Furqan

Job Search

  • Help in finding job
  • New job postings